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Shipping Delena to hell and back and loving every step of the way.

Kat and Paul laughing at Ian | Kat and Ian laughing at Paul

The Vampire Diaries cast at Comic Con in this week’s People Magazine

who keeps making Step Up movies and why

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Anonymous: Scandalous opinions? Pity i love scandal. Seriously it's always the same during the hiatus. I mean everyone is going crazy? ( this is my first hiatus)

This is my second TVD hiatus in the fandom and trust me the previous one wasn’t any better xD This one is only a bit more ridiculous. It’s a ride tho, you don’t get to see anything like this anywhere else lol.

Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

mchriste22 replied to your post: anonymous said:I know you had a m…

Lmfao! Nice response, Aneta.

I can keep my real opinion hidden this way xD I wouldn’t want to reveal my scandalous opinions on this site lol

Yes, anon, I think it’s only the thing you’re implying and that shouldn’t be named lol. If you want me to elaborate on why I think that, feel free to message me off anon :)